Saturday, March 08, 2008


I am back and I am ready and excited to be back BLOGing. I've missed sharing with and hearing from all of you. Where have I been? North Carolina; Chapel Hill to be exact. I went down to spend a wonderful and relaxing weekend with my mom. We had a great time catching up on each others lives and just being together. Of course we did some shopping (not much) and did make a crib quilt. (More on that in a later post.) I challenge I faced when planning to go was how was I going to survive with out having all my crafting goodies for a week. I know thats a sad thing to be concerned about but crafting is a big part of my life and when I have free time from work well I like to be able to try things I've been putting off. I knew we would sew; we always do as this is something we both love. And I knew we would knit together while watching TV at night together, but I didn't want to give up my enjoyment of card making for a week, what to do?????

What I did was stamp off some images both on water color paper and regular card stock. Then I simply packed my various markers and watercolor pencils. (When I travel I tend to pack more craft items and projects then clothes. ) I did resist taking my watercolor crayons so I can't be accused of packing everything I own.

Here is a sampling of what I worked on. It was fun playing with a variety of coloring techniques and products in a short period of time. It provided me the opportunity to go back and revisit my exploration of which tools and process I liked to use the most. (I didn't want to pack my Gamsol so I didn't take my Prisma pencils either.) What did I discover? I like them all! As to Prisma and Copic markers they both have their pluses and minuses but are enough alike I used them together just fine. I like the brush on the Copics, but I like the fine point on the Prismas. What I don't like is the broad tip which is on both. The Copics and Prisma markers I used on regular white card stock. The Stampin' Up markers I used on the watercolor paper. It can be used on regular card stock, but I didn't like that as it tends to leave lines when you don't blend with water and I don't particularly like using water on regular card stock. For the images I colored with the Copics and Prismas I used Brilliance Graphite Black ink and for the images to be watercolored I used Stazon Black.

This was a fun project and now that I am back home I have lots of colored images to turn into cards. I have begun this process and will post them here (along with the quilt project) in later posts.


Lee said...

Welcome back Suzanne!!! You've been missed!!! Looks like some gorgeous creations will be coming our way soon with those beautiful images!!

Susan said...

Welcome back from me, too! I checked your blog a lot while you were gone so you definitely WERE missed! So glad you had a good time though and how clever of you to take some images along to colour. IKWYM about the blender pens and Stampin' Pastels. Will have to try out some of those other water-less methods you mentioned. Am looking forward to seeing your card creations now you're back, too!