Sunday, March 30, 2008


I thought if you can bare with one more post on quilts that I would show you the FACES quilts that I went to Lancaster to see. They were made by members of my Thursday mini group of quilters. There are 12 of us in the group and 10 of us took part in this self imposed challenge.

This is how it worked. We were each to make 10 quilt squares (1 for each member of the group participating in the challenge). The squares were to represent how we either saw our selves, wanted to see ourselves, or maybe feared we looked like. All 10 could be the same or each could be different. They could be realistic or whimsical. After we had all our individual blocks finished we got together and traded them around so each person had a block from each person in the group. That was the easy part....

Next we had to on our own come up with a way to set our blocks into a quilted wall hanging. I found some fabric in my stash that reminded me of old wall paper; so my faces where all framed with fabric and placed over a mantel in a turn of the century parlor scene. Everything was machine appliqu├ęd down and I actually did stamp the clock face. I machine quilted it and voila I had completed my "Gallery of Friends"

Here are a few of the other quilts made by other members of the group. They were also in the Lancaster Show though only three of us went to actually see them. this next one was made by a good friend who actually went with me on this adventure in Lancaster. She asked that all the faces that would be made for her be made with small floral print backgrounds. Then she set them in what reminded her of a garden path. Can you pick me out in her quilt. I've taken on a different personality in her's than I had in mine.

The name of our mini group is "Fabrications" and so this person actually titled her quilt by that name. I think she made a dramatic use of black as her background color. Here I've taken on my wild and crazy persona once again.

This last one that I have a good picture of has a more traditional setting of the blocks, but I love the use of color around the individual blocks. Also this one and the one before it have in the corners color photographs of our group on various outings added to the front of the quilt. This was a nice touch as it allows the viewers to see what we really do look like.

This was a fun project. I will be a wonderful memory of our time together as a group of women who have formed friendships that began with our shared love of quilting and grew around shared joys and sorrows that life brought our ways.

Though most who find their way to this blog are paper rather than fabric artists I hope you still found something to enjoy in this post. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment if you enjoyed visiting.


Beth said...

How COOL! The history behind the avatar! Such a FUN project. It's actually quite fascinating to be allowed to share in one's self reflection - whether it is written or sewn. Beautiful thought went into these quilt squares, thank you so much for posting them!

{{{HUGS}}} Oh, and Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! :-)

Susan said...

Happy birthday, Suzanne! I hope you have a happy day.

I love your quilt pictures and think I have been able to find you in each of them. They are so well done! I love all kinds of craft so it is always fascinating to see what ever you have been working on. I have never completed a quilt, though I started hand sewing blocks once.

I could use a servicable quilt today. It's a bit cooler than normal and having one wrapped around me would be very nice indeed. Must go have a look in the linen cupboard for one in a minute :-) I surely won't find anything as creative as you have made, but it might be warm! LoL!

Lee said...

Suzanne!!!!!!!! I'm always just amazed at your quilts!!! It's definitely a craft I plan to learn someday!! I recognize your face!!! Those are really so fun and very interesting!!!

Diane said...

What a hoot! These are adorable! I SEE YOU in there!!!! How fun, and what treasures! I've never seen anything quite like it before. Fabulous!

Susan said...

Suzanne, hope you are doing fine there. I just awarded you something - it's on my Blog :-)

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

WOW! These are incredible!

Florida was great, thanks!


LadyDoc said...

These quilts are terrific. I like all of them but I LOVE yours!!! I really like picture quilts and yours is wonderful!