Friday, March 06, 2009


Another couple of projects made in preparation for the boutique at our Quilt Show in April. On the outside these look like quilt jjournals I have made before by altering composition books. But inside these are different. They are actually comp books with quarter inch graph paper rather than regular lined paper.

Why is this important you might ask.....well for quilters this is the type of book that can be easily used to sketch out quilt blocks or quilts. The usual scale would be 1/4 inch equals 1 inch when sketching a block. Using this scale you can sketch a 12 inch block using only 3 inches on the page.

Altering the first comp book went well. The second book not so well. I had a problem with this one that I often have....small sliver size gaps that let some of the comp book show through. I can't reposition the paper since I use either sticky strip or adhesive from my xyron to adhere the paper and those adhesives are not they are down they are down for good! Can you see my solution???? Ribbon! Though I used it in four places it actually only covers up two oops spots. I just thought it would less like a oops cover up if I made it into a design element.

Other than the alphabet set which is of an undetermined origin all the stamps I used for both of these books are from Papertrey Ink. They are part of the Quilter's Sampler series with the exception of the images embossed in white on the Brilliant Blue. It is from the new set Background Basics: Retro.

I think composition books of all types are one of my favorite alterable items. Do you have a favorite thing you like to alter??? Do you even like to alter items?


Shirley said...

I love these. I don't quilt, but I can imagine long after you have filled these, there are young people who will treasure them.

Susan said...

I like these a lot! I recently bought a bunch of notebooks to alter as gifts and am yet to get started on them. I'll post a pic if I ever do!

My quilting has come to a slow spot. I must get busy and make some mor eblocks :)

Glad you liked the stamping with bleach tutorial I made :) Hope to see a card or two from you when you have time! I'd LOVE it if you uploaded a card or two to PaperCraftCentral, Suzanne. Your cards are beautiful and it would help get things started at PPC if I had someone like you leading the way! Hope you'll think about it.

Take care

Christi said...

I love these Suzanne!! Awesome!!!

LadyDoc said...

These are wonderful! I hope they are a big hit for you at the show.