Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's County Fair Time!

No time for stampin or kwiltin this week it's the week of the Montgomery County Fair. That means I'm real busy between volunteering with 4-H and helping out in the fair office. I did get a few things entered into the fair last week and did pretty well in the ribbon department. I entered 8 things between Home Arts and Arts & Crafts and all 8 received ribbons. My card that I entered in Arts & Crafts took 3rd place. It was the first card I posted here on my blog. If anyone reads this and is interested you can see it by going to my June archives. It is the Faith Card. I also received a 2nd place ribbon for a framed picture I stamped. Pretty much everything else was a sewn item. It's nice to know that ones work merits someone elses praise and recognition.


Susan said...

Congratulations on your show successes, Suzanne! I remember your faith card. I thought it was lovely when I first saw it and I am not surprised it won a prize.

We just had our show circuit here too and I saw some lonely little cards on display - I didn't even think about entering any, since I just started stamping this year. Next year I think I will enter some - it would be fun, I think. I just have to be strong and keep a few of the ones i make. It takes me awhile ot make one, and then I give them all away! Lol!

I made a card tonight using the 10 minute collage technique I found at It was fun and I now have a few bits I can make some other cards with, when it is not midnight (like now).

Till next time :-)

Susan said...

Hi Suzanne. Hey, I remember those lovely, long summers of my youth too. Where did they go?? I hope you are keeping up with the pace of things over your way. Thanks for your nice comments about my cards. I made the bg for the kangaroo card by drawing the curves with water colour pencils on cardstock, then shading them with same and painting/blending the colours with a brush and water. I outlined some of the places I thought the sun would touch with gel pens - copper and gold.

Will check back with you again soon :-)

SnapHappyInkyMomma said...

Hi -- I didn't realize that we could enter cards at the fair! Not that I want to compete with you or anything . . .

We are actually usually not here during the fair . . . we are at Deep Creek during that time and get to go to the Garrett County Fair. But Summer 2007, we will be here . . . so maybe I'll have to figure out how to enter one of my cards! I'm off to check out your award winning card!