Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kwiltin' this time round

Well I have been productive today and it felt so good. I did get some stamping done, but it was related to a swap I was in and was only stamping 28 images of the letter X. So not too creative, but my three letters (I also did O & Q) are done and they are in the mail. I also spent some time packaging up card kits for the StampFest I am involved in on Saturday. I think this may be the last one I do as I just don't have any customers or friends to get there and it's alot of work and expense to be providing projects for other peoples customers. Unfortunately I do enjoy doing them because I like teaching, but I keep loosing money on them so they don't make sence for right now.

My real work today came in the sewing room and here are two of the projects I did. They are both paper pieced and a lot of fun. The flower block is only two inches square and I did two others like it. They are for a challenge sent out by Carol Doak for her Yahoo group on Paper Piecing. I also made five little basket blocks for our 2008 guild raffle quilt. I LOVE DAYS OFF FROM WORK! Unfortunatly today I need to go back to work so won't get much done. Though at least there today I have the Secret Shop Craft workshop so I will get some crafting in today!

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Susan said...

Amazing! Love your pieced work! (Love days off work, too!)